Eckerman Construction offers home­own­ers and com­mer­cial busi­nesses a wide range of elec­tri­cal ser­vices and products. From remod­el­ing and trou­bleshoot­ing, to rewiring and off-grid power systems, Eckerman Construction provides what mat­ters most: qual­ity ser­vice, great value and atten­tion to detail.

“It has to be done right.”

James Eckerman, or “Jim”, is a stickler for detail. Perhaps it comes from his years in the Coast Guard or US Merchant Marines, where not doing it right can mean the loss of a man’s life. Or perhaps it’s because fine-tuning the details is just Jim’s nature. Either way, you can rely on Jim to complete your job right, right on time.

Open Lines of Communication

You want to know exactly what to expect of your construction project – the when, what, why and how. Jim reviews every project with each client in great detail – including the challenges, the code, his recommendations and the costs. He’ll thoroughly explain the pros and cos of each solution, so you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect at every stage of the job.

Got a question? Jim is regularly available to answer any and all questions. If he doesn’t immediately answer your call you can expect it’s because he’s up a ladder or some other place where safety is a concern. Rest assured, Jim will promptly return your call and immediately address any concern you might have.

Priced Right – Best Value

Jim is a firm believer in fair pricing and value for your dollar. He doesn’t charge for consultations and estimates, just for the work he does. Likewise, he doesn’t cut corners, which means you can rely on quality work that will last for years and years. Have a project  that you need to get done? Call Jim for a free quote today!